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6 interesting facts about sound

Sounds surround us our entire life, yet many of us ignore studying it properly. Here are 6 interesting facts about sound which may surprise you:

1. Sound is measured in decibels.

Upper limit when humans start feeling pain is around 120-130 decibels. At the level of 200 decibels you die.

2. We hear ourselves differently because we are listening with the “wrong ear”.

When we talk, we perceive our voice in 2 ways: externally (auditory canal and tympanic membrane) and internal (through the tissues of the head, which amplify low frequencies of the voice). And when we listen to something from the outside, we only perceive the sound through external channel.

3. Some people can hear their eyeballs rotating.

Or their own breath. This is due to the defect of the internal ear, when becomes extremely sensitive.

4. The noise of the sea, which we hear through the sea shell,

is, in fact, only the sound of blood flowing through our vessels. The same noise can be heard by attaching an ordinary cup to your ear. Try it!

5. Deaf people can still hear.

One famous example of this: Beethoven. As you may know, he was deaf, but his works were still better than yours. How? Well…he listened … with his teeth! He used to put the end of the cane to his piano, and the other end clamped in his teeth – in that manner sound reached his inner ear, which was absolutely healthy, in contrast to the outer ear.

6. It is considered a norm when a person hears calm speech from a distance of not less than 5-6 meters

(if these are low tones). In case of higher tones it can be up to 20 meters. If you can’t hear what people say from a distance of 2-3 meters, it may be worth checking with the audiologist.

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